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Mummie van een krokodil

krokodil; mummie The mummy has been reinforced by a bundle of vegetable stalks (visible through holes in the back and tail) and at least one wooden stick (protruding at the caudal end), bound together with numerous concentric windings of palm rope. It was then wrapped in a large sheet of medium-fine natural-coloured linen (warp-faced tabby weave, about 14 x 20 threads/cm2). The ends have been tucked in and fixed by means of a few stitches (head end) and windings (tail) of coarse string. Two bulbous eyes have been modelled as protrusions on the head. There are various irregular strips or patches of linen, mainly on the back. The whole mummy was finally wrapped in a large sheet of dark brown linen; this shroud still remains at tail and head end, but has largely disappeared over the central part of the body. It has been fixed by means of a long strap of about 2 cm wide, not torn from a larger cloth but woven as such with two selvages; this winds around the mummy in spiral fashion and back again, displaying X-shaped crossings on part of the back of the mummy. On the ventral side, however, the windings have been drawn together in groups of two to four by two longitudinal straps passing along the full length of the mummy. The mummy was extensively restored in 1996 and is now covered in modern gauze for further protection.


Inventarisnummer: AMM 16a
Afdeling: Egypte
Objectnaam: mummie ; reptiel ; krokodil
Materiaal: hout ; organisch ; mummie (dierlijk) ; linnen ; riet
Afmetingen: 314 x 28,5 x 20,5 cm
Periode: Late Periode ; Grieks-Romeinse Periode 500 v.Chr.-300 n.Chr.
Vindplaats: Egypte


Leemans, Description raisonnée (1840) N 28 Boeser, Catalogus (1907) E.XLV.29 M.J. Raven/W.K. Taconis, Egyptian mummies (Turnhout 2005), cat. 113 Holwerda, Dierenmummies (2008), 50-1 P. Piacentini/Chr. Orsenigo, Egitto. La straordinaria scoperta del Faraone Amenofi II (Milan 2017), p. 162 (foutief genoemd AMM 16k, die toen idd in bruikleen is geweest). Topstukken van het RMO, Leiden 2020, p. 56-57

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