The National Museum of Antiquities has purchased two ancient Egyptian pharaoh figurines, one of which is the oldest figurine in the world depicting a named pharaoh. It is a seated figure of Pharaoh Nynetjer, one of the earliest rulers of ancient Egypt (c. 2785-2742 BC). The museum has also purchased a funerary figurine of Pharaoh Taharqa (690-664 BC), one of the black pharaohs from Sudan.

Important addition to the collection

The pharaoh figurines are important additions to the Egyptian collection of the National Museum of Antiquities. Although the museum is among the top ten of its kind in the world, it has only a few sculptures of kings and rulers. The acquisitions cost 150,000 and were funded in part by the BankGiro Lottery’s annual contribution to the museum. The purchase of the Taharqa figurine was also supported by a donation from the museum’s Circle of Friends, RoMeO, enabling it to purchase the Taharqa figurine.