Dazzling light show

The two-hundred-year history of the National Museum of Antiquities comes to life in a dazzling light show that is projected onto the Egyptian temple in the museum’s central hall.

The four-minute spectacle can be seen daily at 11:30  and 13:30 (Dutch version for all ages) and 15:30 (English version).

These times may vary in response to specific circumstances.

Light show with music and spoken narrative

The light show consists of spectacular images, music, and a spoken narrative with highlights from the 200 years of the museum’s existence. The light show is projected onto the 2,000-year-old Egyptian temple. The spoken story includes a brief account of the temple’s history and its journey to Leiden in the 1970s. The temple itself appears to burst apart in an eruption of brightly-coloured rays of light and then to be rebuilt, one stone at a time. This sequence is followed by images of a series of masterpieces from the collection in superb projections.