Egypt, Land of Discoveries

Starting in the spring of 2020, the National Museum of Antiquities is organising a travelling exhibition in Japan, in partnership with the Japanese company Tokyo Shimbun. The exhibition is entitled Egypt, Land of Discoveries and focuses on three centuries of discoveries in Egypt. Land of Discoveries starts with the first scientific expedition, launched by Napoleon. It will also present the excavations carried out by the National Museum of Antiquities in Egypt. The museum has been exploring the desert near the village of Saqqara, some 30 kilometres from Cairo, since 1975.

New research on mummies and mummy cases

Another part of the travelling exhibition presents the latest techniques used to research mummies, canopic jars, and mummy cases. Especially for Land of Discoveries, a number of mummies from the museum’s collection will be scanned with the aid of the latest technology. In addition, a number of mummy cases will be examined to determine the species of wood and painting techniques that were used. The programme also includes the comprehensive restoration of these cases. In total, the exhibition will include approx. 270 objects from the collection of the National Museum of Antiquities.


Egypt, Land of Discoveries will tour to eight Japanese cities, finishing at the end of 2022. The exhibition concept was devised by the National Museum of Antiquities, in partnership with Professor Tomoaki Nakano of Chubu University and the Tokyo Shimbun.

Reizende tentoonstelling Japan

The director Wim Weijland (right) and President Oshima of the Chunichi Shimbun signing the contract for the travelling exhibition Egypt, Land of Discoveries in Japan.