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Study and career

Helbertijn Krudop (1984) studied Art History at Leiden University. She specialised in applied art and Eastern influences and exoticism in the decorative arts. She then followed the minor, master and professional doctorate programme ‘Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage’ at the University of Amsterdam, specialising in wood, furniture and gilt objects. During the final phase of the programme, she carried out assignments for the Cultural Heritage Agency, the Artis library (University of Amsterdam Special Collections), the Lutheran Deaconry in Amsterdam and did internships at Palace Het Loo and the Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France (C2RMF) in the Louvre.

Krudop has worked as a conservator at the National Museum of Antiquities since September 2014, where she is responsible for the conservation and restoration of various organic materials. She works primarily on (painted) wood, ivory, bone and textiles, and the Egyptian collection in particular. Krudop is also a member of the organizing committee of Stichting Ebenist, responsible for the (inter)national symposium on the conservation of wood and furniture, and as of 2022 editor of the proceedings.

Research and conservation

Overarching themes within recent research and conservation projects are the conservation history of the museum’s Egyptian collection, changing conservation ethics and aesthetics within the context of the National Museum of Antiquities, the use and re-treatment of old conservation materials, as well as construction and fabrication methods of mummy coffins and cartonnages. Within the larger research project of the Vatican Coffin Project, as well as for several large (travelling) exhibitions, Helbertijn has worked on research and conservation projects concerning mummy coffins and cartonnages. Favourite pieces from the museum collection are also the (remains of) Egyptian furniture.

Ask me a question about

  • Conservation and restoration of (painted) wooden objects
  • Manufacture and decoration of mummy coffins and cartonnages
  • Egyptian pigments and binding agents
  • Preventive conservation
  • Mounting and safe display of artefacts

Important research and conservation projects

  • Conservation of human mummy and cartonnage mask: 2022. In collaboration with Sjoukje Telleman.
  • Supervision of conservation project Egyptian textiles: 2020.
  • Research and conservation project: anonymous mummy coffin (Ar 32-a): 2019-2020. In collaboration with BIAX Consult and René Gerritsen Art Photography.
  • Research and conservation project: cartonnage of Pawiamen (Amm 6-b): 2019-2020. In collaboration with Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency, BIAX Consult and René Gerritsen Art Photography.
  • Research and conservation project: mummy, cartonnage and coffin of Chonsoeëmaä(cheroe) (L.XII.1-a/1-c): 2017-2018. In collaboration with the Allard Pierson and University of Amsterdam.
  • Research and conservation project: cartonnage of Panesy (L.XII.3-c): 2016.
  • Research and conservation project: coffin of Peftjaoeneith (AMM 5-e): manufacture, conservation history and conservation possibilities: 2015-2016. In collaboration with Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency.
Helbertijn Krudop

Helbertijn Krudop

Important publications

Important exhibitions with a major conservation or installation project

Important lectures

  • 2022, ‘The backside looks good’: digital couriering between the Netherlands and Japan. An archaeological collection on the road, IADA International book and paper conservation symposium ‘Show it and save it’
  • 2019, Coffin workshop: Production techniques and conservation approaches: mummy coffins at the National Museum of Archaeology, ICYE – Leiden
  • 2019, The Kenna papyrus in context: 200 years of museum and conservation history, Chester Beatty, Fourth Papyrus Curatorial and Conservation Meeting
  • 2017, Peftjauneith: conservation in context, 2nd Vatican Coffin Conference – Rome
  • 2017, De Egyptische stoel, Stichting Ebenist 12de Nederlandse symposium ‘Van Schemel tot zitzak: de stoel ontleed’

In the media

Ancillary activities

  • Organizing committee and editor, Stichting Ebenist, (inter)national symposium and working group for wood and furniture conservation
  • Guest lecturer Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, University of Amsterdam
  • Guest lecturer Heritage and Museum Studies, University of Leiden
  • Guest lecturer Reinwardt Academie, Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten