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Dr. Jasper de Bruin
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Study and career

Jasper de Bruin (1976) studied Archaeology of the Roman Period at the University of Amsterdam. After graduating, he worked as an archaeologist for the municipality of Delft. From 2006, he worked as a lecturer and researcher at Leiden University for almost 15 years. During that time, Jasper was nominated twice for the Education Prize of Leiden University and obtained his PhD with a study of the Cananefates, the local population of the South Holland region in the Roman period. In recent decades Jasper has carried out numerous excavations, including in Delft, Leiden, Naaldwijk and Oegstgeest. As of 2019 Jasper is Curator of the collection the Netherlands in Roman times of the National Museum of Antiquities.


Jasper’s interest is broadly focused on the material culture and archaeological theory of the Roman period in Northwestern Europe. In the coming years, the focus of research on the Netherlands during the Roman period will be on the Roman Limes, the Roman villa landscape in Limburg and making Roman writing tablets from the Netherlands legible.

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  • Archaeology of the Netherlands and Northwest Europe in the Roman Period
  • Material culture of The Netherlands and Northwest Europe in the Roman period
  • Methods and techniques of archaeological fieldwork

Important research projects

  • Een Romeinse idylle. Villa’s in Limburg (2022-present, in collaboration with the Limburgs Museum, the Thermenmuseum and the Cultural Heritage Agency)
  • Opgraving Hazerswoude (2021-present, in collaboration with municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn, the Omgevingsdienst Midden-Holland, the province of Zuid-Holland and Vestigia BV)
  • Goedereede-Oude Oostdijk: Een Romeinse handelsplaats, Nederland (2010-2012)
Jasper de Bruin

Jasper de Bruin

Important publications

Jasper de Bruin

Jasper de Bruin

Important exhibitions

Important lectures and conferences

  • 2021, Romeins Valkenburg. Een overzicht. Symposium Romeinen langs de Rijnlandroute, Valkenburg (ZH).
  • 2019, Van Den Haag naar Britannia. Romeinse-militaire activiteiten langs de Noordzeekust in de Severische periode (193-235 n.Chr). Afscheidssymposium Ab Waasdorp, Museon, Den Haag.
  • 2019, All roads lead to Britain. Archaeological evidence for the preparations of the Severan campaigns on the continent. Roman Northern Frontiers Seminar, Newcastle University.
  • 2018, Die Civitas Cananefatium. Die Armee, die Stadt und die Gemeinschaft der Cananefaten. Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main.

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