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Small exhibition

on dispaly to 9 June 2019

Acquisitions for the Classical World collection

The various collections of the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities are frequently enriched by the addition of gifts or acquisitions. Thanks to a bequest from the pottery specialist Maria Frederika Jongkees-Vos, a number of beautiful objects were added to the Classical World collection in 2018. They include Greek and Roman dishes and cups that were used at mealtimes.

  • You can see a selection from the most beautiful objects in this bequest to 9 June 2019 in the entrance hall to the museum, in a display case behind the Egyptian temple.

Maria Frederika Jongkees-Vos

At the beginning of 2018, the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities received a remarkable gift: a bequest from Maria Frederika Jongkees-Vos (1933–2018), who left her entire private collection of antiquities to the museum. She was a pottery specialist with a passion for Attic vase painting.

Private collection

Maria’s husband was a professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of Utrecht. When he suddenly died, the young Maria decided to dedicate her life to her passion: collecting art objects made by the Greeks and Romans. She expanded the private collection that had initially been started by her husband. From the Mediterranean region she acquired items including black- and red-figure vases of superb quality, items of jewellery, bronze figurines, and small terracotta bulls.

An eye for delicacy and charm

What makes Maria’s private collection so remarkable is that it clearly reflects her personal taste. She was a specialist in this genre, with an eye for delicacy and charm. In the display-case you can see some selected items from her collection, including a cup that is decorated with the image of an owl (430–400 BC), a cheerful fish plate with a central indentation for sauce (400–300 BC) and a drinking bowl decorated with stylised images of plants.

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